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Yoga While You Wait At San Francisco Airport

Ask anyone if air travel leaves them feeling relaxed and it’s probably safe to say the vast majority of folks will give you that incredulous “are you serious?” look.  So, when I saw a yoga studio in terminal two at SFO (yes that’s right, a yoga studio), I could hardly believe my eyes. And then I thought, wow, this is cool.

The best part? Someone was using it! I’m willing to bet that flying the friendly skies would be more pleasant after a few sun salutations.

The lure:

SFO yoga studio promo

View from the terminal hallway:

SFO yoga studio entrance

The posted rules:

SFO yoga studio rules

A peek at the inside look and feel:

SFO yoga studio-2


SFO yoga studio-1



4 Responses

  1. Michelle M

    I love it! What a great way to relax in a not-so-relaxing place. Was there a charge to use the space? I hope it gets used, so that more airports might consider dedicating some space.

    • Totally free! And I did see one person using it at a fairly slow time, so that’s encouraging, don’t you think?

      It would be a very nice meditation corner too, with a different vibe from traditional airport chapels.

  2. Don M

    It looks so peaceful. It would be easy to tune out just about everything short of a fire alarm.

    • You’re so right – it was surprisingly serene.

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