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Consulting & Marketing

Consulting and Marketing for Health & Wellness Businesses

We work with you to uncover the “secret sauce” that sets your wellness business apart. Every business has one – but it’s tough to spot it when you’re in the middle of the day-to-day. Then we distill that into a detailed marketing strategy that spreads the word to the right people in the right ways at the right time. And if you need help implementing parts of that plan, we can help with that too.

Video Training

Wellness Marketing Training Videos

Instant know-how in fast, easy-to-digest videos on critical sales and marketing topics. Packed with real-life do/don’t examples and specific how-to guidance.

Books and Reports

Health and Wellness Trends - Insider's Guide

The definitive Health and Wellness Insider’s Guide To Durable Trends, Beyond Pink! The Big Book of Health Observances and Cause Marketing Events.


health, wellness, fitness promotional products - Wellness Victories

Wellness Victories – exclusive wellness-themed promotional products that make people think, laugh – and talk about your wellness center, health club, healthy lifestyle or weight loss business, yoga studio or clinic.