Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that come up:

1) What exactly is strategy, anyway?

Say you want to take a vacation this summer. Do you want a slow, leisurely road trip with your family and lots of oddball attractions? Maybe you’d rather jet off to the capitals of Europe with a group of old friends. Or perhaps your perfect vacation is you, a rod and reel, and a peaceful fishing spot.

All three are great vacations–but they’re very different experiences, everything from food to fun to how you get there and where you sleep at night.

Same thing’s true for wellness businesses. There are a zillion possible ways to grow any health, fitness or wellness business. The question is what’s the best growth strategy, for you, your management team, employees and investors; your current customers; and the future customers you hope to have.

Your answers to questions like these forms your business strategy. After that, you can talk sensibly about the tactical details of sales, marketing and so on.

2) What size clients does Radial work with?

It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears – big, small and in the middle.

Some of our clients are “businesses of one” — solopreneurs. We’ve also got clients with dozens, hundreds, and thousands of employees. We tailor what we do to the needs of each client.

3) What if we already have marketing people or graphic designers?

That’s cool. We work with client teams all the time and just use our folks to fill in any gaps.

For example, maybe you have a wonderful graphic designer but no one who can develop strong content that sets your wellness business apart. Or you’re a solopreneur without easy access to non-flaky graphic design and web development resources. We can do that work for you.

4) Can we just pick your brain?

Sure. Some health and wellness businesses want our opinion about trends and industry direction.

Or they need a trustworthy sounding board — someone objective, a senior executive who’s extremely familiar with the industry and where things are heading, who’s not afraid to tell them when an idea sounds great — or when it has problems.

For clients like these, every quarter or so we schedule a visit or a conference call and do a deep dive into whatever’s at the top of their list.

Other questions?

Just drop us a note and we’ll be happy to fill you in.