Ho-Ho-Holiday Marketing: The Five Best Email Promos For Wellness Businesses

These five essential holiday marketing emails boost revenue for health clubs, wellness centers, and other health and wellness businesses by inspiring purchases across the entire spectrum of gift-giving possibilities.

They’re listed in the order that we recommend you send them:

1) The “What’s New” email

Ribbon Xmas TreeSend an early email highlighting the products, programs and services your health club, wellness center or yoga studio has added over the last year. Position it as “new gift ideas” for the holiday season.

For example, if you’ve added new Level 1 and 2 yoga classes, point out that these make great gifts for daughters, granddaughters or stressed-out coworkers.

(Didn’t add anything new this year? You’re heading towards rocky water.)

2) The “Wishlist” email

Send an email formatted as a holiday-themed checklist of the ten most popular programs, products or services that your fitness center or wellness center offers.

Your customers can print this list, check off their faves, and then “accidentally” leave it where their loved ones will get the hint.

3) The “Mix and Match” email

Link your products and services to the recipients that your customers are likeliest to buy for: boyfriend, wife or partner, parents, kids, best friends, or close coworkers.

You may be thinking “Why do we need to do this? We already have generic multipurpose gift certificates.” Well, some people think generic gift certificates are boring, lazy or impersonal.

So in addition to your generic certificates, promote “productized” certificates that entitle the recipient to participation in a specific program or service selected just for them.

For example, one of our health club clients packages massage, personal training and an assortment of energy foods into a “Runners Recovery Package.” (Learn more gift card marketing tips here!)

4) The “Happy Holidays” email

The usual group photo titled “Happy Holidays” doesn’t really score much goodwill. Frankly, it’s a yawner.

Use this opportunity to give your nutrition, yoga and fitness clients some lagniappe – that’s Cajun for an unexpected and delightful freebie!

We’ve seen a free holiday recipes PDF offered by a healthy lifestyles program, a free 30-minute massage coupon from a chiropractic practice, and a family-oriented open-house sponsored by a health club.

5) The “Last Minute” email

Send an email reminding customers that your wellness center, yoga studio or clinic has convenient gifts at all price levels, ready to go. Encourage them to buy by the phone or via your website, so all they have to do is swing by and pick up their beautifully-wrapped gifts.

(And yes, we always advise wrapping gift cards and gift certificates. Don’t just stick them in a red, green, silver or blue envelope. Put them in gift boxes, wrap them with holiday paper, and add ribbon and a bow!)

Make the most of the holiday season with these five email marketing strategies that capitalize on every possible gift-giving opportunity.

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Leslie Nolen, Radial's president, is the nationally-known expert on the art and science of selling health and wellness.

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