Try This: “Refrigerator Lookbook” – The Blog Post Everyone’ll Read

Building trust fast shortens your sales cycle. But shouting “I’m trustworthy!” won’t get it done.

Self-disclosure’s a better strategy, and here’s a super-fun, creative way that WORKS.

(Why is self-disclosure a better strategy? Social psychologists tell us that self-disclosure — sharing (appropriate) personal information — instantly starts building trust in other people.)

The idea: post photos of what’s in your fridge in your newsletter or on your blog.  Or your staff’s fridges.  Or customers and clients.

(Or the fridges of interesting local people –  whether or not they’re customers.)

Why it works: It shows people that you’re human. Yes, you’re part of a wellness business…but you’ve also got ketchup, the kind that has high-fructose corn syrup.

Or real butter. Or shriveled oranges. Tofu older than your youngest child.


The point is that potential customers are much likelier to feel comfortable in a business that’s NOT exclusively populated by Perfect People.

No cheating: Yes, you may gently organize your fridge for the photo shoot so that people can actually see clearly what’s in it.

No, you may not sanitize it to a state of Nutrition Nirvana which does not represent your reality.

If you normally have a few Snickers in there, leave them. Turn it into a lesson about balance and moderation.

A good example:

This is Ava Taylor (YAMA Talent) and Sadie Nardini (Core Strength Vinyasa)’s shared office fridge:

You can read their Q&A here.

Some other examples with my marketing observations: 

1) Love how she connects the dots so clearly to her marathon training program.

2) Kudos for dreaming up CoreFusion but this would strike a lot of folks as disconnected from everyday concerns that most potential customers deal with. You don’t want to intimidate people.

And the Coke –  “Yes, we felt it was important for this photo” –  just makes me wonder if they REALLY, truly ever drink it. When other people can see them.  Or are they making some kind of point just for the photo? (Which would be cheating. Keep your fridge photos authentic. Seriously.)

3) This celebrity nutritionist’s fridge Q&A makes him seem like a regular guy, approachable.

4) Very down to earth –  I like it. Granted she’s a vegetarian chef, not a wellness professional –  so she’s coming at things from a slightly different angle.

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