How Chipotle vs Industrial Food Production Is Marketing Genius

This ad has it all: top-notch creativity, a celebrity soundtrack and a powerful dramatization that forces viewers to confront where their food comes from (along with a few tugs on the heartstrings). Or…is something more cynical going on? There’s a lot of buzz about this video. Does it work because Chipotle cares about the food supply and wants to make it better and more humane (after all, their “food with integrity” section on their website reinforces their commitment to this endeavor).

Or is it brilliant, as this parody vid asserts, not because Chipotle is a warm/fuzzy/goodwill company, but because they’ve succeeded in convincing its viewers of that?  No matter which way you take it, it sure sheds light on how persuasive good marketing can be. And makers of both vids succeed there.

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