Exercise, Type 1 Diabetes and New Clues to this Metabolic Mystery

High blood sugars in diabetics? Not necessarily from inactive lifestyles, in new research on intense exercise in people with Type 1 diabetes.

medic alert braceletMany diabetics are MORE active than the general population, and (see 2nd paragraph in abstract) as that number increases, athletes with diabetes are becoming a subject of interest. In fact, turns out most Type 1 diabetics have glucose spikes after intense exercise, and it’s got nothing to do with food, fuel, or insulin.

It’s an interesting insight into what REALLY happens metabolically when we “leave it all on the floor.” A little technical, but useful if you’re attempting to connect with this population.

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Don Muchow - Radial

Content & Media Director at The Radial Group
Deeply experienced in building user communities around healthy lifestyles, I've led hundreds of strategic content projects helping clients establish market leadership, brand awareness and social reach. My own experience as a Type 1 diabetic ultra-endurance athlete has given me unique insights into the benefits and obstacles that often accompany individual wellness journeys.

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