Food Words You Need To Know

From a Mental Floss article, my favorite non-English food words!

#1. Kummerspeck (German)

Weight gain that results from emotional overeating. Means “grief bacon.”

#2. Shemomedjamo (Georgian)

When you’re full – but keep eating because it just tastes so good. Means “I accidentally ate the whole thing.”

#7. Pelinti (Buli, Ghana)

That “AAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” sound you make when you have a piping hot bite of food in your mouth. Means “to move hot food around in your mouth.”

#17. Pålegg (Norweigian)

Anything that might go into a sandwich – peanut butter, jelly, cheese, egg salad, potato chips (hey, those ARE a sandwich ingredient where I grew up!)

More non-English words you might need to know here (off-topic, mostly).

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