Health & Wellness Trends Guide

The Insider’s Guide To Health and Wellness Trends — a roadmap for health and wellness businesses and investors that separates durable trends from overhyped fads.

The Insider’s Guide describes the most promising opportunities and the most serious challenges facing wellness businesses.

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About Leslie Nolen

Leslie Nolen, author, The Health and Wellness Trends Report

Author Leslie Nolen is a nationally-known expert on the art and science of selling wellness, and president of The Radial Group. Radial’s Health and Wellness Business Advisor and WebSavvy column reach thousands of health and wellness businesses monthly and she is a source for national media including PBS, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

Uniquely comprehensive, yet crisp and fast-reading

The ONLY report specifically for wellness and healthcare executives, investors, practitioners and entrepreneurs that addresses every important sector:

  • Consumer health & wellness
  • Fitness, exercise & physical activity
  • Nutrition, food and healthful eating
  • Yoga and other mind-body practices
  • Complementary and alternative medicine
  • Conventional healthcare & medicine
  • Obesity & diabetes
  • Longevity, aging and older adults

Forget dry statistical reports that leave you to figure out what actually matters. We tell you what’s important (and what’s not) drawing on expert opinions, scientific developments, consumer preferences and behaviors from:

  • Health and wellness subject-matter experts in businesses, non-profits, academia and government
  • Executives, employees, customers and investors from health and wellness businesses, practices, and organizations
  • Thousands of studies, reports, articles and posts from hundreds of professional journals, books, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs and other media

Special features provide instant insight

Eight in-depth chapters expertly analyze the top durable trends in each key sector PLUS:

  • The Trend Checklist takes you straight to the individual trends in each sector that matter most to you – read the rest later
  • The Buzzword List points you straight to explanations of the latest buzzwords and jargon – you’ll never again be stumped by a client question about something they heard on the news!
  • Need a newsletter tidbit or a “big idea” for a speech? Check the Buzzword List or the Trend Checklist!
  • Executive summaries give you a mini State of the Union for each sector
  • Exclusive frameworks like the Health & Wellness Continuum, the Dimensions of Health & Wellness and the Health & Wellness Toolkit shed new light on industry convergence and integration

Reviewers and readers say…

“Comprehensive, practical, eye-opening!”

“Is this a crystal ball for the future of health and wellness? Yes – and with the solid research and analysis to back it up. The writing style is so easy to read and thought-provoking. This report will not be another publication that looks nice on your shelf or collects dust.  Before long, it will look like a well-used and trusted road atlas.” – Lauri DeRuiter-Willems, Department of Health Studies, Eastern Illinois University

“There’s a wealth of great, practical information contained in this report. I’m recommending it to our providers to help them understand the challenges and opportunities they can capitalize on. And the buzzwords are a great idea to help people know what all these phrases that get tossed around really mean.” – Michelle Maloney, Human Kinetics, Director

“The Health & Wellness Insider’s Guide is a useful and very highly recommended pick for any business leader’s resource collection.” – Midwest Book Review

“The health and fitness industry is rapidly changing and the Health and Wellness Trend Report is a roadmap for the future. It’s a comprehensive resource for all businesses and professionals to guide them in this direction.” – Cary Wing, Medical Fitness Association, former director

“I wish I had this years ago! The Health and Wellness Trend Report is a must-read for anyone in the fitness and wellness industry who wants to stay in front of the curve. It sparks your creativity to get you thinking about doing things differently – doing what hasn’t been done before. If you want your business to survive the next decade, you need to read this book.” – Vaughn Marxhausen, The Houstonian Lite, General Manager

“The Report is a wellness roadmap full of resources and information for the 21st century. They’ve placed their finger on the pulse of renewed efforts in health and cognitive arenas.” – Amy Yopp Sullivan, Stony Brook University, Center for Dance, Movement and Somatic Learning