WebSavvy: Practical Internet Strategies For Health & Wellness Businesses

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email button Email Fail! Top Ten Technical Errors In Email Marketing May 2015 - The good news: Service providers like Constant Contact make email marketing for health clubs, yoga studios, wellness centers and other wellness businesses incredibly efficient. The bad news: they make screwing up your email marketing incredibly efficient, too! Watch out for these common technical errors:
wifihack-2 H@cked! Protect Your Club From These Growing Cyber Threats May 2015 - Chances are good that if your club has email, it also has anti-virus software installed. But what about your tablets and other mobile devices? What about lax security practices in your office? Your system may be more vulnerable than you think. Check out the threats below, and while some are new (at least to our industry), many that have been […]
malicious social Social Screw-Up: Why Club Members Unlike, Unfollow, and Unsubscribe April 2015 - Is your health club’s social and email strategy driving sales prospects away? If you’re noticing an uptick in unfollows and unsubscribes, this troubleshooting guide will help you identify and fix common problems that turn off potential members and clients.
Six Mobile-First Strategies for Health and Fitness Marketing March 2015 - Google just announced that mobile-friendly sites will get higher search rankings. Are your website and email marketing ready and able to reach your fitness and wellness clients on their tablets and smartphones? This Google tool tells you if your website is mobile friendly, and these six strategies will keep you connected.
facebook groups 2 How to Market Your Wellness Business Using Facebook Groups February 2015 - Facebook groups foster shared purpose, nurturing the seeds of trust that transform strangers into eventual customers for fitness and wellness businesses. Here’s how to get the most out of Facebook groups.
facebook insights How to Use Facebook Insights in Your Wellness Marketing January 2015 - “600 people like this page.” As the old saying goes, that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. If your fitness or wellness business maintains a business Facebook page, you may be only vaguely aware of a tool called Facebook Insights. But you should know more about it, because without understanding your business’s […]
Wellness Web Trends Seven Wellness Business Web Trends to Watch in 2015 December 2014 - Is your wellness business making technology plans? Here are the top trends to watch in 2015.
deerintheheadlights2 Still Time To Check Off Your 2014 Online Marketing Resolutions! November 2014 - Remember your health club’s New Year’s sales and marketing resolutions? There’s still time — let’s go!
Digital Health Trends: Is 2015’s Biggest Loser Wellness? October 2014 - Wearables, hot. Pedometers? So yesterday. Google Glass, augmented reality and retail beacons are real things, not just wild ideas. But are these gee-whiz technologies actually helping your fitness business attract and retain clients and change lives for the better?
namaste_pumpkin_squirrel Eight Online Strategies for Seasonal Corporate Fitness Marketing September 2014 - Are aggressive work calendars and well-stocked office parties destroying client progress on employee wellness? Before the craziness sets in, update your seasonal corporate fitness marketing strategy to help cement your club’s value to enterprise clients.
CRM Train Wreck Does Your Health Club Need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software? September 2014 - If manual processes and dropped balls are crippling your health club or corporate wellness sales growth, CRM may be just the fix you need. But if you’re still figuring out a marketing plan that matches your wellness center’s business goals, CRM may be a train wreck. These questions help you decide whether your wellness business actually […]
330px-Hansel-and-gretel-rackham What Hansel & Gretel’s Breadcrumbs Teach Wellness Businesses About Integrated Online Marketing August 2014 - Why aren’t clients beating a path to your health club, yoga studio, or weight loss clinic? Time for a lesson in integrated online marketing from our good friends Hansel and Gretel.