Free Tools from KC Healthy Kids

If your wellness, fitness, or health business offers any programming for children, boy is THIS is a find.

KC healthy kidsThis handy-dandy PDF manual was created by  KC Healthy Kids, a nonprofit organization, and they’ve stuffed it with all kinds of resources.

The main focus here is getting healthier ideas implemented at school and showing parents and teachers how to go about it.

They’ve got the usual suspects like  healthy kid-friendly recipes, but they take it to a whole new level.

For example, it’s not just a listing of more nutritious snack options…they’ve got very creative ideas for healthy school snacks, party menus, vending machine food ideas that aren’t loaded with sugar and fat.

Plus: healthy alternatives for school fundraising that don’t involve dessert-laden bake sales or junk food. And (this is awesome) the back of the manual has nicely done hand-outs that you can simply print and share with your clients.

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