Fridge Follies: Frankenstein Syrup and Whiskery Soup

The results from our fridge survey were quite revealing.  We learned that  even the fittest and healthiest of us still have food indulgences.  One reader had snow peas for a quick and easy snack, but also had homemade turtle cheesecake (sounds good!).  Another has natural peanut butter, apples, and plums, but balances out those healthy choices with a very expired spaghetti sauce and some “frankensteinian” super-processed sugar-free chocolate syrup.  We also heard about homegrown veggies, tons of fruits, soy milk, and string cheese along with gourmet appetizer dips and processed cheese slices.

If you’re looking for tasty alternatives to over-the-top indulgences to share with clients Men’s Health editor-in-chief and food & nutrition editor David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding wrote a handy book called Eat This, Not That. For example, eating a cinnamon roll from Au Bon Pain instead of Cinnabon will save you 463 calories and 20 grams of fat!  While it’s not necessarily healthy, it’s definitely much better than the other option.

And congratulations to Ivonne Berkowitz of Optimum Sports Performance, LLC in Arizona, winner of a free “Ditch Discounts” master class video!

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