Build Your Personal Brand

Ready to transform yourself from a wellness specialist into a recognized expert?

If you’re asking this question, you’ve already achieved a certain level of recognition and respect in your community, or among your professional peers. You’ve already taken the first steps towards becoming a brand — towards becoming the expert, speaker, author and, indeed, public figure who attracts attention and dollars.

Brand Who?

It’s challenging to market yourself when your list of media and event appearances and book titles is still fairly short and many of your appearances are free or for a nominal fee.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s your meta-story? How easily does it adapt to different or unexpected business opportunities?
  • Does your story appeal broadly to a wide audience, or deeply to a narrow one?
  • How will you form relationships with strategic partners like conference organizers or media contacts?
  • Is it easy for people seeking speakers, authors or other wellness celebrities to find you?
  • How will you translate your value into a defensible price for each audience?
  • How will you adjust your marketing plan and sales collateral to reach bigger goals?

How We Can Help

The Radial Group works with you to:

  • Understand who your customers, what they want, and what makes your brand unique; then
  • Establish your brand as an authoritative source of value for new customers through marketing plans and execution
  • Develop a compelling call to action through high value content
  • Share that message with a hungry audience, and set a price based on value, through sales strategy, pricing plans, and collateral
  • Help you grow your brand’s “footprint” through business strategy and business management consulting

Client Examples

Just a few of the actual clients we’ve helped brand themselves and their health and wellness businesses:


  • Instantly recognized by his peers within his particular medical specialty, an extremely well-known and well-respected physician wanted to enhance his personal brand and visibility among consumers, policymakers and physicians outside his specialty.
  • However, he had no experience or expertise in marketing or business development and wasn’t sure where to even start.
  • We defined his brand and key messaging, created speaker marketing materials and identified the most appropriate marketing venues, including selected speaker bureaus.

Corporate Wellness

  • An executive wellness professional had built a very nice corporate wellness business focused on hard-charging CEOs and CFOs, managing directors and vice presidents within certain knowledge-capital intensive industries.
  • However, efforts to expand his brand by offering services to middle-managers in these industries had fizzled. He wasn’t sure what was wrong or how to fix it, but he knew he wasn’t getting the results he wanted.