Cure Business Invisibility

“We can sell healthy lifestyles, fitness and wellness to anyone, once they know we exist.”

Your thrilled weight loss clients, successful athletes, loyal yoga students, or your guaranteed-ROI employee wellness programs speak for themselves. So why isn’t that enough?

Sometimes your marketing is misfiring. Potential clients you’d kill for glance at your business, then quickly move on. Nothing in your marketing connected with them. Worse, your efforts may actually have turned them off. You’re not invisible–but you might as well be.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough of the right marketing, at the right times, and in the right places.

To fix this, you have to decide which problem you have.

Are people looking through you, or past you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What other non-competing businesses attract the kinds of customers you want?
  • Other than discounting, what are competitors doing to attract the kinds of customers you wish you had?
  • How do potential customers engage with your business, and how often, before they buy?
  • Would you say that you invest more time, or more money, in sales and marketing?
  • For founders, does it seem that you’re the only person in your business who can really close sales?
  • What proportion of your marketing is promotional (special offers, coupons, etc.) versus something else?
  • What’s the first thing people typically say when they initially come into contact with your business?

How We Can Help

The Radial Group helps you understand what works in marketing and selling what your wellness business has to offer:

  • Compare your current marketing efforts against targets
  • Establish your brand as an authority among new customers through effective marketing plans and execution
  • Help refine your business’ unique value to customers
  • Develop high-value content to connect directly with that audience
  • Work with your budget and timeline to determine how to most effectively reach them given available resources and drive interest to action.
  • Help you grow your brand’s “footprint” through business strategy and business management consulting