Grow Your Business

New programs? New cities? An acquisition? A partner? What’s the best way to grow?

You can’t pursue every great idea. So which ones deserve attention?

Maybe you should expand your successful diabetes management program into new cities. Or create an online version, or a kids version, or a franchise version, or a corporate wellness version for employers. Or partner with hospitals.  Or expand into programs for other chronic health issues, like fibromyalgia. Or develop a licensed version for health coaches.

After you decide, the challenge is executing your plan while keeping your current business on track.

You’ve also got to be ready for opportunities that suddenly materialize while you’re busy executing your plan, like a big-time TV interview or a chance meeting with a potential investor or partner.

Hope is Not a Plan

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your vision for your business make it easier for you to say “yes” or “no” to individual opportunities, or does it include nearly all opportunities?
  • If you suddenly found a million dollars, do you know specifically where you’d spend it to grow your business?
  • If an exciting strategic partner opportunity materialized tomorrow, how would you decide whether it was a smart move?
  • If you needed to come up with time, people, energy &/or money to pursue a worthy opportunity, how would you do it without disrupting your existing business?

How We Can Help

You’ve already turned your vision into a reality. The Radial Group works with you to bring that reality to a wider audience:

  • Identify new markets and their unique demands.
  • Assess existing capabilities and assets such as people, cash, knowledge and expertise, trusted partners, location, and even your reputation as a leader, “fair player,” or “real people.”
  • Identify gaps and bottlenecks, such as an undeveloped sales channel, or access to technical resources.
  • Marshal relevant assets to address shortcomings.
  • Communicate your message effectively to exploit growth and expansion opportunities.
  • Help plan and execute your unique growth strategy.

The Radial Group can help you leverage existing and unexpected successes:

  • Analyze how opportunities align with business goals
  • Develop a workable strategy for identifying and exploiting valid business opportunities well in advance
  • Help you react intelligently in the moment while planning for what comes next
  • Help you plan how to adjust sales and marketing efforts to capitalize on an evolving business landscape.

Client Examples

Employee Wellness

  • A nationally-known employee wellness organization approached us for assistance in developing a new product which would extend their current offerings.
  • We partnered with them to plan and execute the product launch, including multichannel marketing and promotion tactics plus development of follow-on products and new revenue opportunities.


  • The CEO of an integrative medicine institute was juggling numerous growth projects which included several new program launches, expansion into new countries, and additional sales to current clients in the U.S.
  • We worked with the institute to develop an overall plan which sequenced all of these activities, identified the necessary resources and estimated the related costs, and helped revise the strategy based on board and investor feedback.
  • We created detailed financial models for the overall business and for individual new programs and consulted on the accreditation process necessary to award graduate degrees.