Overcome Competition

Customers love you. But you feel like you’re competing against “how low can we go” prices.

You’ve got creative, interesting and effective weight loss, sports conditioning and diabetes management programs. Great facilities. The best health and wellness professionals ever. The kind of compassionate, high-touch customer service you’d want yourself. There’s just one catch.

You feel like you’re competing with every “how low can we go” price-cutting health club, gym and franchise in town. How can you grow your customer base without dropping your prices or cutting out the special elements that separate your company from everyone else?

Are You Competing against “Wel★Mart?”

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the reasons customers give for staying emotional or rational?
  • Do people ask why your prices are high? Or do they ask what they get for the price?
  • Are customers leaving you for someone who charges less–or offers less for the same price you charge?
  • What reasons do referrals give for stopping by?
  • Do long-time customers gradually drift away without explanation?

How We Can Help

The Radial Group works with you to understand and communicate what’s special about your business in the eyes of its most loyal and most likely customers–the ones who truly value your unique offering:

  • Identify customer segments who are most likely to place a high value on your brand
  • Help refine your business’ unique value to customers
  • Develop high-value content to connect directly with that audience
  • Determine how to most effectively reach your markets with the resources you have, to drive interest to action.
  • Help you grow your brand’s “footprint” in those and other markets through business strategy and business management consulting

Client Examples

Just a few of the actual clients we’ve helped brand themselves and their health and wellness businesses:

Local gym

  • An independent gym in the Pacific Northwest needed fresh ideas to compete against a large multi-state health club chain that had just entered their market–in fact, right across the street from them!
  • The brand-name guys seemingly had all the advantages: well-known brand, beautiful new facility, longer hours, more equipment and classes and a large wet area.
  • Our client knew they couldn’t outspend them–but what could they do?

Healthy lifestyle chain

  • A chain of upscale healthy lifestyle centers in California was planning to acquire existing clubs in several very competitive markets.
  • They already faced head-on competition from discount health clubs and knew that a very well-known urban health club chain had acquired land and building permits.
  • Their question was how to retain and even grow their membership in a very fitness-savvy market with lots of alternatives.

Corporate wellness

  • A medically-based comprehensive weight loss program reached out to us because they felt that potential clients were constantly comparing their prices to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or super-inexpensive YMCA programs. There was no way on earth that they could lower their prices to that level without ripping the guts out of their program–but that left them struggling to figure out what they could do.