The Health News Watchdog Blog – Highly Recommended

Ever wonder if exciting new medical treatments or encouraging wellness breakthroughs are the real deal?

health news watchdogThe folks at are independent experts who evaluate and review these types of news stories. Here’s their criteria:

  • What’s the total cost?
  • How often do benefits occur?
  • How often do harms occur?
  • How strong is the evidence?
  • Is this condition exaggerated?
  • Are there alternative options?
  • Is this really a new approach?
  • Is it available to me?
  • Who’s promoting this?
  • Do they have a conflict of interest?

This site is easily searchable and the reviews use a simple green check mark and red “X” to denote where the article does well or falls short. They also include easy-to-read summaries and assign an overall score of the article reviewed.

Not only do they review and rate news articles, but they rate news organizations too, from the Associated Press to WebMD. Right here in my neck of the woods, I’m sorry to report that The Dallas Morning News did not receive a good rating.

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Leslie Nolen, Radial's president, is the nationally-known expert on the art and science of selling health and wellness.

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