Love, Love, Love This Marketing Tool – Healthiest Employers Marketplace

Highly recommended: Healthiest Employers Marketplace (special signup code below), the new corporate wellness provider registry from Healthiest Employers, the national corporate wellness award program.

This is the tool we’ve all been waiting for: a simple and highly-trusted way for employers to find vetted corporate wellness providers, fast. It works for tiny employers and the smallest wellness providers – and it’s useful for huge employers and national corporate wellness programs, too.

Note: they sent a special code for our subscribers. If you sign up now, use this code: RADIAL2 so you get two extra months worth of free listings (good on any of the memberships).  It expires 5/30/12.

(And no, we’re not getting paid to say nice things – I just really like this tool.)

Background: Healthiest Employers partners with the publisher of the 60+ major metro Business Journals across the U.S. They’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that scores employers’ corporate wellness programs throughout the U.S., recognizing those employers who demonstrate best practices. It’s an objective, highly-competitive process and a sought-after award.

Rod Reasen, HE’s president, told me awhile back that employers constantly ask him for corporate wellness provider recommendations. He didn’t feel comfortable picking one provider over another, so after some brainstorming, his team decided that the best way to respond was to create this new registry.

The two elements that set this apart from similar “wannabe” directories I’ve seen before:

1) it’s the only one backed by a major corporate wellness player who’s well-respected by actual employers – the folks who HIRE corporate wellness providers.

Have you ever searched for “corporate wellness providers” on Google? The search results are truly a dog’s breakfast of companies you never heard of and don’t know anything about. Makes it hard for employers to find trusted providers and is one of their biggest complaints.

2) in addition to letting you list your business and your capabilities, it enables your clients to rate your services…which will help attract new clients, assuming your service delivery is up to par. It’s kind of a cross between Angies List, Consumer Reports and Yelp – specializing in just our industry.

Realistically, it’ll take a few months for this new Marketplace to get to critical mass in terms of the # of listings.

Nonetheless, I think it’s smart to jump on board early.

For one thing, you get a break on the listing fee. More importantly: Filling up the Marketplace with corporate wellness provider listings and ratings is what will make this attractive to employers – and that, in turn, is what will help produce more prospective clients for companies who list themselves.


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Leslie Nolen, Radial's president, is the nationally-known expert on the art and science of selling health and wellness.

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