Hey Kids – Have a Little Cereal With Your Sugar

Does your wellness clientele include families? Here’s a study you might want to pass along in your own newsletter: child eating Most breakfast cereals, which by the way, are marketed extremely well to appeal to kiddos, contain so much sugar that it’s nearly the same as handing them cookies for breakfast.  The study, conducted by the Environmental Working Group (you can download a PDF containing the full report, charts, tables and recommendations from this link) analyzed more than 1500 different cereals, 180 of which are specifically for children. The results reveal just how sweet breakfast can be (too sweet!). Cold breakfast cereals are loaded with sweeteners and empty calories. The exact opposite of what children should be eating. Even the more astute shopper is hard-pressed to find a low-sugar cereal option. The research also reveals how deceiving the packaging is, leading consumers to believe they are choosing something healthy for their kids.

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Don Muchow - Radial

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