Need a Yoga Partner? Here’s An Idea

This feel-good/animal/yoga vid is a well done and short (not quite 3 minutes) compilation of yogis who are earnestly performing their sun salutations, hand stands and other asanas, much to the delight of their dogs and cats, who can’t wait to join in.  The real question here is, what did you EXPECT your furry friends to do? Hmmmm?

Just a little something to share with your customers. We can’t totally guarantee it will put a smile on their faces, but we’re pretty sure it will.

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Don Muchow - Radial

Content & Media Director at The Radial Group
Deeply experienced in building user communities around healthy lifestyles, I've led hundreds of strategic content projects helping clients establish market leadership, brand awareness and social reach. My own experience as a Type 1 diabetic ultra-endurance athlete has given me unique insights into the benefits and obstacles that often accompany individual wellness journeys.

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