Internet Diagnosis: When Enough Wrongs Might Make it Right

Healthcare providers have apparently grown weary of the public’s penchant for doing their own Internet research..and all too often coming up with the wrong information. So…if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That seems to be the driving force behind improving tools for online diagnostics.

online diagnostic graphic Let’s face it, with so much information at our fingertips, who HASN’T looked up their symptoms online in an attempt to figure out what the heck that rash is or why that knee aches so much? (And haven’t we all regretted it, when we discover to our dismay that we have the symptoms of 15 serious diseases!)

So it’s good news that there are now more symptom checkers (apps and online tools)  that ask for more detailed information. Good data in, good data out. Better for them, better for us.

It’s not just illnesses folks research, though…it’s nutrition-related, exercise-related… and then they come to YOU with their search results and questions (and often bad info).

And keep in mind that  there are valuable marketing opportunities when clients come to you with questions.

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Leslie Nolen, Radial's president, is the nationally-known expert on the art and science of selling health and wellness.

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