Seeing Is Believing: Soft Drinks Distilled Down To Goo

Certainly wellness-minded folks already realize how sugary and nutrient-absent sodas are. But this video REALLY boils it down. Sure, boil the water out of anything and you’ll likely end up with a gooey mess. But sometimes a visual like this that you can show your wellness/fitness clients, helps drive home the concept more forcefully than simply saying, hey, there’s 8, 9, or 10 teaspoons of sugar in that drink! Is the vid a tad hokey? Maybe. Purely scientific? Nah.  But for some people, it resonates. (Labels vary, but 35-40 grams of sugar–high fructose corn syrup in most cases — is an average amount listed for a typical 12-oz can of soda).

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Don Muchow - Radial

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