The Hall Of Fitness Silliness: Silly Fitness Gadgets

Remember Fred Flintstone’s car? I wonder if this fitness gadget comes with roadside assistance?

Check our ever-expanding list of bizarre, dubious or just plain dumb fitness gadgets:

1. The ROM Machine

Exercise in 4 minutes a day – for the low, low price of $14,000 (Interesting…this link’s gone. Survival of the fittest?).

It’s the exercise equivalent of rubbing your head and patting your stomach simultaneously.

Not convinced? Perhaps these videos and the discounted $10,000 price will persuade you!

2. The GiddyUp Core Exerciser

All the benefits of horseback riding at home. And I do mean at home. Inside your house. Probably with the curtains drawn to avoid the stares of disbelieving passersby.

3. The AsSeenOnTv AbSwing

Is this lightweight update of a folding chair really just a clever ploy by a physical therapist or chiropractor in desperate need of patients? I’ve actually seen this gadget at a friend’s house and all I can say is, “Kids, don’t try this at home.”

4. The Suction-Based Strike Trainer

Not that there aren’t times when you want to hit something really hard. I just keep picturing what would happen when the suction cup comes loose, though. On second thought, there’s a lot to be said for an old-school speed bag (and this link bites the dust too).

5. The Red Exerciser

$215 for what I think is basically just a bench. Not a weight bench. More like a folding camping stool combined with a turntable like the one my mom uses to get in and out of the car.

6. Hawaii Hula Chair

Why is the Hawaii Hula Chair better than your average massaging chair? The “exercising massage”, that’s why! With this gadget, you (supposedly) can get a massage, a total body workout, and hemorrhoid relief all at the same time.

7. Treadmill Bike

Don’t you hate going into the hot, sweaty gym on a beautiful day? Instead of going outside and walking on the pavement, why not use a mobile treadmill and waste…er…spend $2500? From reading the benefits, you’d think walking and jogging were stationary activities.

8. Slendertone Flex Pro

What was once only used for the rehabilitation of muscular atrophy is now available to men and women alike that want to get sleek, sexy abs but don’t want to do one ounce of work. Luckily you can order by phone or online so you don’t have to get up off the couch to buy one. Whew!

9. The Shake Weight

Some fitness gadgets are just a little more disturbing than others. With that said, I introduce to you this electronic dumbbell for ladies that shakes to and fro while you hold it in different positions. Don’t you fret, guys – there’s one for you, too (well darn, these links are gone too. Interesting).

10. Taizo the Robot

In an effort to keep up with the ever-growing population of centenarians, Japan has unveiled Taizo the Robot. Taizo teaches the elderly stretches and rehabilitation exercises for a mere $8,000…I think a $10 Jane Fonda DVD might have similar results, but that’s just me.

11.  Waff Bean Bag

This latest form of lazy fitness supposedly provides an unbalanced seat so as to activate your core while sitting.  We’re not quite sure which is more embarrassing – using this as a form of fitness or having it confused for a hemorrhoid donut.

12. The Abhancer

The ultimate seated cardio workout. Really. Done right, this will burn absolutely zero calories and is guaranteed not to to raise your heartbeat by even one beat. Actually, I’m pretty sure hysterical laughter is one of the best medicines available.

Feel free to add your nominations for the Hall of Silliness below. We ask for your email to prevent spam, but it’ll stay completely hidden.

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  1. Don Muchow says

    OK… there’s something really WRONG about the GiddyUp thing. I know it’s sopposed to do something for your abs or whatever… but so do crunches and they’re a heck of a lot cheaper. And I keep thinking, if I’m gonna do THAT all day, I want the machine to look like a fire engine or school bus or whatever else they have outside of Wal-Mart that I can put a quarter in.

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