Hootsuite for Health & Wellness: Update Everything and Everyone, Instantly

So your corporate wellness or fitness business has all the social networking goodies: the blog, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, and LinkedIn. Your yoga students love Pinterest and your daily healthy lifestyle tips newsletter is growing by leaps and bounds.

Don’t kill yourself updating your networks about all this stuff individually.

Use Hootsuite to post to all of your networks from a central command center. It integrates with dozens of social networks plus major email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

The free version handles up to five social networks. Free’s perfect for individuals and most small health and wellness businesses.

The Pro version add more networks and lets several team members use the account. Pro’s affordable as you grow — it starts at about $10/month.

With Hootsuite, you can efficiently post the same update to all of your social media networks, or you can post different updates to each network.

It instantly shortens and includes relevant web links.

Use the Schedule feature to tee up posts so that you’re updating your networks consistently.

Then use the Publish feature to review posts that your marketing team has teed up — before they go out.

The other thing I love about Hootsuite is that it makes it super-easy to monitor social activity across multiple networks in general — everything from retweets of your posts to comments on your posts to direct messages in Twitter or Facebook.

Just a few examples of how to use this powerful tool:

1) Every time you post on your blog

Guess what: the last step isn’t to publish your post! After you publish your post, head over to Hootsuite and update all your social networks, too.

2) When you see an article worth sharing

Add the Hootlet plugin to your browser. Then, when you happen across a great article with D-I-Y snack tips for kids that you want to share, just click the Hootlet icon in your browser and the Hootsuite post window will pop up.

3) To share a quick thought

You hit the office inspired Wednesday morning by the folks you saw doing tai chi in the park. You’re highly ticked off by the portion sizes at Cheesecake Factory. Share your inspiration — or furious call to arms! — instantly, across all your networks, with Hootsuite.

4) To announce your latest newsletter

Your weight loss program just pushed “send” on its latest newsletter. Tell the world — complete with a link, of course!

5) Remind folks about a marketing promotion

Remind them that your New Year’s health club membership specials end on Jan. 31.

6) Share client successes

How about a quick shoutout to acknowledge Laura’s first 5K or a “Like” on  Roberto’s post celebrating his better A1C results?

7) What they said!

Do you get lots of referrals from an orthopedic clinic? Follow them and use Hootsuite to comment and retweet their posts.

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Leslie Nolen, Radial's president, is the nationally-known expert on the art and science of selling health and wellness.

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