Stop The Presses: WW Says “No Dieting!”

We see an emerging trend towards moderation rather than dieting – and amazingly, it’s coming from…weight loss companies!

Weight Watchers just started a series of print, TV, outdoor and online ads called “Stop Dieting, Start Living” – the basic idea is eat in moderation rather than starving yourself or unrealstically restricting what you eat.

And Jenny Craig just added Queen Latifah as a spokeswoman. Interestingly, though, her goal’s explicitly NOT to lose a lot of weight. She just wants to follow scientifically-based recommendations that overweight or obese folks can get health benefits just by dropping 10 – 15 pounds.

Watch the WW ads below. Do you think they’ll stick to this message? Or is it just the “flavor of the day”…and before long they’ll be back to their old marketing tricks. Post below (we’ll keep your email private).

WW’s coffee shop ad

And you can see print ad examples here:

No D*iet poster…

If Diets Work…

New Year’s Resolution…

People Don’t Fail…

I have to say, I think it’ll appeal to a lot more consumers. And yet, I wonder if the programs themselves are really different – or if it’s just the marketing that’s changed.

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