MyPetFat – Bizarre Yet Effective Weight Loss Tool?

OK, these products are, um….different.  Check out these pix and make your choice of a “mini MyPetFat” (a 1-ounce soft, pliable plastic replica of body fat), the “1-pound MyPetFat”, or the “5-pound MyPetFat”:

One pound of MyPetFat

One pound of MyPetFat

Five pounds of MyPetFat

Five pounds of MyPetFat, pictured in a fridge

What do you think?  Gross, or effective?  Will it just encourage negative body image thinking?  Or will it help people remember the health benefits of losing visceral fat?

It won’t be a fit for everyone. But a friend who lost about 50 pounds  always talked about picturing himself with 50 pounds of beef strapped to his waist, so it may really click for some.

See for yourself and tell me what you think: MyPetFat.  (I think I’ve seen this idea done elsewhere, but the cell phone images that translate fat fast food (oops, that really was a typo) treats to minutes of cardio are clever too – burger, muffin, fries, etc.

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