Business & Marketing Strategy

What’s the best way to grow and market your health, fitness or wellness business? How can you win more healthy lifestyle customers?

To work, your strategy and marketing have to be joined at the hip.

But it’s hard to step back and think long-term when you and your team are immersed in your business, 24/7, day in and day out. Plus, it’s completely impossible to be objective and analytical about your own company, its strengths, and its best growth prospects.

That’s our job. We’re extremely good at figuring out exactly what makes your wellness business special to your customers – and making sure that message comes through loud and clear to potential clients.

First, business strategy – what’s the best growth plan for your business? We work with you to dive deep into what truly sets your wellness business apart, and to decide how you can capitalize on those strengths.

Then, marketing strategy – what’s the best way to reach your target customer so that you achieve your growth goals?

Finally, implementation. Our folks can turn your strategy into reality by creating website content, printed materials, email marketing, book projects and on and on. Or we can just review what your own team puts together, to make sure it’s totally aligned and that nothing got “lost in translation.”

Our services include content marketing and content creation, all kinds of special projects, award-winning email marketing including newsletters, speaker marketing, book editing, design and publishing through our Healthsprings Media imprint, and print marketing ranging from brochures to banners, promo products, sales leavebehinds, and just about anything else you can think of to help market wellness programs and services.

What we don’t do

  • Vague business plans that conveniently skip over concrete, practical details
  • Run of the mill marketing that looks like everyone else and sounds like them, too
  • The same “me-too” ideas that you can read for yourself on the Internet

“This whole process was eye-opening. This is the first time it really feels like all the dots are connected. We are so, so much clearer on how to make this work now.”

And yes, that’s a real quote. From a real client.

Our services are most valuable for…

  • Smart and resourceful wellness teams and professionals who’re open to new ideas and:
  • You’ve gotten your business as far as you can yourselves – and now your goal is the next level, or…
  • You’ve got a well-thought-out product with a distinctive approach – but you’re not seeing the growth or attention your business should expect, or…
  • You’ve got radically new and interesting ideas – and you want to bounce them off someone who’ll shoot straight and tell you where oppportunities and risks lie.

How our pricing works

Our consulting rates currently start at $250/hour.Our marketing services start at $135/hour plus third-party costs for items like stock graphics.

You hold the copyright to the materials we create for you. We’re also happy to provide the underlying Photoshop, InDesign or Publisher files on request so that your local team can make future updates.

We bill in quarter-hour increments. Payment is generally made via credit card following each consulting session, and as milestones are reached on other projects.

Retainer arrangements may also be available.