Content Marketing For Health, Fitness and Wellness Businesses

Health, wellness and fitness businesses need marketing content matched to each of the four stages in your potential customer’s buying process.

This need applies to everyone: small and big wellness businesses, businesses that sell to consumers (B2C), and businesses that sell to employers or other wellness businesses (B2B).

Marketing gaps in these four areas are usually the reason that small and medium-sized wellness businesses struggle to compete against bigger companies. Smaller wellness businesses often have equally good, often better, programs and services. But they’re not doing nearly as good a job as the big guys at spreading the word about what they can do.

Which scenario describes your wellness business?

  • Our business has very little marketing content for any of the four stages–the website is all there is, and it only has very brief program descriptions, an About Us and Contact page, and not much more
  • We have lots of content for one stage, but almost none for other stages–for example, absolutely no case studies or comparative checklists but zillions of sound-alike testimonials; or beautiful brochures but terrible onboarding materials that don’t even look like they came from the same company
  • Most of our content probably sounds pretty much like every other fitness/weight loss/healthy lifestyle/corporate wellness business out there–“world class cardio equipment” and “reenergizing yoga” and “caring professionals”
  • We’ve got good content but it doesn’t look very convincing–it was OK when we were smaller but now it seems kinda homegrown and undermines an otherwise great impression

In each of these scenarios, Radial works with you to identify and prioritize your strongest marketing points and figure out where you’re missing key marketing content.Then we write the actual words and create the appropriate online or offline marketing end-product, including layout, design, images, etc.

How content projects usually work

Most client marketing projects blend consulting and content creation:

During the consulting phase, we work with you to identify and prioritize your highest-impact marketing points. We also identify which marketing materials would make the biggest difference for you.Maybe you don’t need a brochure after all; but you desperately need an online competitive comparison. Maybe you need a brochure and some top-notch program descriptions; but the testimonials section of your website is in great shape.

Then comes the content creation phase, when we actually create the online or offline materials that we’ve all agreed should be developed. You can read more about our pricing here.