Email Marketing For Wellness Businesses

Did you know that email marketing for health, fitness and wellness beats social just about every time?

Yep, it’s true, and don’t feel bad — most folks are surprised to learn it. Social’s great for maintaining connections with the customers you already have. But it’s usually lousy at delivering brand-new clients and customers. Email’s far and away the most effective marketing tool when it comes to actually growing your wellness business, acquiring new customers, and promoting special offers, new programs and the like.

(And if you’re selling corporate wellness, social’s even worse at connecting you to prospective client companies.)

Actually, email marketing kinda is rocket science.

Have you ever used a really high-end food processor with lots of features?

It can accomplish amazing things, like helping you whip up a ten-course Thanksgiving dinner for twenty of your nearest and dearest.

But: it only amazes when you start with great recipes, really good ingredients, and true insight into the tastes of your guests.

Email marketing works the same way. It’s a powerful tool – when you’ve mastered the body of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t, and why.

Sure, practically anyone can send an email with Constant Contact or MailChimp or VerticalResponse. But actually growing an email list, and getting results from the emails you send – not so simple.

For example, there are best practices about how to craft a newsletter that gracefully blends informative content, like healthy lifestyles advice – with persuasive or promotional content. Without sounding like you’re selling used cars. Or spending all day writing articles.

And there are incredibly effective ways to efficiently increase your visibility by integrating your email marketing – newsletters and promotional emails – with your blog and/or website, local events, print advertising, your social media presence and much more.

There’s just one catch.

If you’re like most of the folks we work with, truthfully, you don’t want to be an email marketing expert. Your passion is health and wellness and working with your team and your members, clients and customers. You recognize that marketing’s essential, but you don’t have the time …and maybe not the interest… to dive into the details of email marketing.

It’s a real challenge. Because email marketing is still far and away the most effective online marketing tool, despite all the hype about free social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

Making Thanksgiving dinner’s a challenge without a food processor. And growing a business in this day and age is almost impossible with strong email marketing.

On the other hand, we actually love this stuff. Successful email marketing provides content matched to the specific stages that people go through as they make a decision to move in a healthier direction and invest in your health and wellness services. It’s art and science – engineered to help potential clients buy with confidence, married to “words and music” tailored to attract only those who truly value your services.

We know those best practices about how to craft effective, graceful newsletters that help build connections to new and existing clients. We know how to maximize your visibility and return on investment by integrating your email marketing with everything else you’re doing to market your business. And we’re good at conceptualizing and implementing email marketing campaigns that really resonate with your target customer and move them closer to making a purchase.

And here’s the proof:

We’ve won Constant Contact’s All Star Award THREE years running — 2013, 2012 and 2011 — for the very best reason: because our clients’ newsletters and marketing emails have great subscriber engagement results like high open rates and click-thru rates. And you don’t have to use Constant Contact; we work with Mailchimp, too.

Typical email marketing projects

  • Email Newsletter Launch: Initial concept & design for your email newsletter plus a manageable content strategy
  • Effectiveness Review: We dive into your current email newsletters or marketing emails – what works and what doesn’t, with specific recommendations for what you should stop/start/continue as-is or continue with tweaks. Combination of telephone consultation + a written report.
  • Custom Newsletters: Soup-to-nuts design and implementation of custom newsletters tailored to your wellness business and growth strategy, designed to attract new clients and reinforce your connections to existing customers. Includes concept, content strategy and graphic design.
  • Creation of Unique Newsletter Content: We write completely original newsletter content specifically tailored to your wellness business. Nothing cut-and-pasted from the web; it’s all specifically designed to gracefully facilitate your marketing and strengthen connections to customers.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns and Promotions: Creation of one-time or ongoing email marketing campaigns for specific programs, products or services, including concept, content and graphic design. Includes single-product promotions and special-offer promotions
  • Holiday Marketing Campaigns: Development of multi-email campaign with offers specific to each phase of the U.S. November/December/January holiday buying season for health and wellness
  • Special Projects: lead generation campaigns, reactivation of prior clients, and referral campaigns