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Is the time right to make your book a reality?

Getting a great book concept into print and available for sale worldwide has traditionally been an opportunity available to a very few, very lucky people who were in the right place at the right time.

Which was really a shame — because publishing a well-done book is a great way to build your personal brand plus related revenue streams from speaking and other services.

However, that picture’s changed dramatically during the last decade.

Goodbye, old-school publishers…

Traditional publishing is nearing extinction. In this model, publishers choose a title, print several thousand copies and store them in a warehouse until a bookstore orders them.

Believe it or not, most titles never actually make it into a real bookstore. And most never sell more than a few copies, mostly to the author’s friends and family (that’s why discount book stores have so many cheap books!).

Here’s why so many old-school publishers have closed their doors:

First, it’s expensive to print books that then sit in a warehouse waiting to be bought.

Second, traditional publishers have to offer huge wholesale discounts simply to get bookstores like Barnes and Noble to put their books in the stores.

And third, traditional marketing approaches like author tours and media interviews are big-bucks activities.

In fact, book production, distribution and marketing are so expensive, and so few books are actually sold, that even the biggest publishers typically lose money on most of their titles. Only best-selling authors normally produce a profit.

Not surprisingly, this is bad news for authors, too. It makes traditional publishers reluctant to take on new topics by new authors, especially in health and wellness where they may not understand the nuances of a particular book concept. And it also means that they typically invest almost nothing in marketing new titles by new authors. They only arrange book tours, signings and media interviews for well-known writers.

Authors are for the most part expected to come up with and implement their own marketing activities and most of them have no experience in how to do this.

Hello, Amazon and print-on-demand services.

Just as the development of the mp3 spelled the end for nearly every music retailer, Amazon’s evolution as the single largest seller of books in the U.S. and the world has made traditional publishers and brick-and-mortar bookstores increasingly irrelevant.

Today, the fastest way to make your name as an author is simply to list your book for sale on Amazon. You don’t need to convince a big-name publisher that you’re worthy. Anyone can do it, although there are, to be honest, quite a few insider tricks to HOW you do it that make a big difference from a marketing standpoint.

At the same time, the development of extremely cost-effective print-on-demand services means that it’s possible and profitable to publish books one-by-one as they’re ordered by individual buyers, without having to invest upfront in book  inventory that then sits in a warehouse waiting to be bought.

And instead of doing expensive book tours and signings and trying to convince Oprah that she should interview you, authors can successfully market their books using their websites, social media and other highly efficient and cost-effective online marketing techniques.

We bring wellness books to market.

Radial offers book design, editing and co-publishing services through our Healthsprings Media imprint for selected health, wellness, fitness and healthy lifestyle book projects authored by wellness professionals with a distinctive point of view and a gift for writing that’s accessible and engaging.

Once your book’s complete, we convert it into the required Amazon-friendly form and get it posted for sale on Amazon with all the bells and whistles. There’s a whole list of book registration activities with various organizations that increases your book’s visibility and makes it easy for libraries, schools and other organizations to order it, too. And of course we register it with the Library of Congress. We also help you make the most of Amazon author resources, like Author Central, as part of developing a complete marketing plan that includes getting quality third-party book reviews and incorporates specific marketing website, social media, and email marketing strategies.

Since our authors’ titles go directly to Amazon, we eliminate the traditional middleman — the publisher. That means more money goes directly to you, the author, and the process of submitting inquiry letters, sample chapters, and so forth is eliminated entirely. No one has to invest in inventory, either — your book is simply printed every time someone orders it.

Feel free to run your book concept past us.

Feel free to give us a call if you’d like to discuss your book concept or want to show us what you’ve got. We’ll be happy to give you our quick take on whether it’s really print-worthy or not.