Wellness Website Evaluations

How would you grade your wellness website?

It’s an essential question.


Your home page does 99% of the heavy lifting on your health, fitness or wellness website. In just seconds, potential customers decide whether to check you out — or move on forever. And once people get past the home page, they’re looking for the right answers, right away. If they don’t see them, they’re off to the next possibility. Ask yourself how well your website achieves these crucial business objectives:

  • Does it instantly intrigue, reassure and persuade the right people for your wellness business?
  • Does it clearly communicate what’s really special about your health, fitness or wellness business?
  • Does it make potential clients want to take the next step, to call or stop by?
  • Does it optimize for search engines, so it’s easy for people to find your business?

You don’t have to guess at the answers to these important questions. We can help you.

Our evaluation services

Folks usually pull us in for one or more of these reasons:

1) A “gut check” or “sanity check”

Your fitness business is in the middle of a big website design project and your gut instinct is telling you something doesn’t feel right.

Maybe your graphic designer is being very insistent about how he thinks things should be done, as if there’s only one way to do it “right.” Or your developer is making everything sound really difficult — even though what you want is common on other websites.

You wouldn’t be the first business leader to be swayed by well-intentioned but bad advice, either:

  • From developers: “You should have a video (or slideshow), because that’s really popular right now”
  • From designers: “The most important thing is a great photo for the homepage”
  • From friends: “Well, I just really don’t like the way…”
  • From coworkers and bosses: “Well, that’s not what I would…”

Bringing us in is a good way to objectively assess this kind of situation. And it’s up to you whether you want to share our report and conclusions with them or not. Everything we do is behind the scenes. They won’t know you asked us to check things out unless you decide to tell them.

2) Incremental improvement recommendations

You’re anxious about your website, and you’d love an overhaul — but you don’t want to invest the time or money right now.

Looking at what can be tweaked makes a lot of sense, and often just a few key changes dramatically increase effectiveness.

For these projects, we give you point-by-point recommendations that you can use to guide the work of your web designer and web developer.

3) An objective review of your proposed design

Nothing is worse than finding out that your shiny (expensive) new site looks pretty but delivers a big fat zero in terms of potential clients for your lifestyle change programs. It’s depressing to look at site analytics and see that almost no one visits your site. And that those low numbers stay flat month..after…month.

It’s much smarter to get things right from the start. But that’s easier said than done. You’re not a web designer and you’re not a web developer, so you have to rely on their advice. Your graphic designer may think that the iPhone look and feel is sheer perfection, and discourage you from creating a content-rich website. But guess what? Your weight loss customers want content!

The problem is that developers and designers don’t run wellness businesses, and they rarely think in sophisticated terms about how to design and develop a website that meets those four crucial objectives we described above.

This evaluation serves as a double-check on the advice and recommendations you’re getting, from folks who DO think about the best ways to use your website to grow your wellness business.