Flo, The Hulk, Mr. Clean? What Costume Fits Your Wellness Brand?

Have you ever thought about the personality of your health and wellness brand? Who or what would it look like, if you could personify it? If it were a Halloween costume, who or what would it be?snow-whiteFleshing this idea out presents an interesting marketing challenge that can refresh your brand and set your business apart, all in one shot. And coordinating it with  Halloween is the perfect time to do it.

Who knows, if you can really nail it–the perfect character/costume/personality–maybe you’ll end up with a mascot that will serve your branding needs for years to come, year ’round.

There’s lots of inspiration out there.  Just flip through a few channels, skim through some magazines (they don’t have to pertain to wellness or fitness necessarily) or surf the Internet. Brainstorm with your staff. Think about your services and your individual style of delivering those services.

Is your environment loud, bright and energetic? Subdued, calming, more like a retreat? Do you serve mostly families?  Or are most of your customers older women? Maybe you cater to sedentary folks or super fit types? Are your clients squeezing all the gusto from life that they possibly can? Or tentatively yet hopefully taking the first steps back towards health?

Then, think about cultural icons — Spiderman, Tony the Tiger, Flo from the Geico commercials (or Flo from that old “Alice” TV series!), the hamsters from the Kia ads, Jack and Rose from the Titanic, and so on. Which ones resonate?

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Don Muchow - Radial

Content & Media Director at The Radial Group
Deeply experienced in building user communities around healthy lifestyles, I've led hundreds of strategic content projects helping clients establish market leadership, brand awareness and social reach. My own experience as a Type 1 diabetic ultra-endurance athlete has given me unique insights into the benefits and obstacles that often accompany individual wellness journeys.

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