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Direct mail - follow-up strategies + how to evaluate campaign success



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Greetings, y'all!


Tried to ration the stories in Megan McDonough's new book but of course then read the whole thing on the spot.  I told her she's becoming the Christopher Kimball of mindfulness: using daily upsets (Emily's broken arm) and amusements (the snoring dorm) to prompt short yet focused self-reflection. 


Deadline: Tues., 4/20: we're giving away one copy of "A Minute For Me", so click to throw your name in the hat!



H-e-l-l-o-o-o-o....we're here!....Hello?  Anyone?

"No one called when we sent our last big mailing." I hear this from prospective clients nearly every month. 


What went wrong? Usually one of three root causes:


1) Poorly-conceived promotional offer

2) Ultra-artistic design with thrown-together content

3) Predesigned piece customized only w/ logo, contact info


The offer really has to be perfect for direct mail to work, so make sure your staff or outside agency's getting it right. Then use these content and design tips to spot common pitfalls.



Costco's smoking policy - bizarre, no? 


Does your Costco do this?  Details of my surreal (but sort of funny) conversation with the Costco store manager...



Feeling the competitive heat?  Input, please... 


We've gotten several subscriber requests since mid-2009 for another article (and maybe a free mixer) on how to stay competitive, how to sell value against super-discounted competition, how to justify higher prices when other wellness  businesses have lower prices, etc.


Is this your hot button, too?  If it is, please email me any examples, questions, issue, etc. that you're facing right now so we can make sure the new article's thorough and useful for you.



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