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Greetings, y'all!


Our completely-updated 2011 Health & Wellness Trend Report is now available!  It's the only trendspotting report available that covers the entire health and wellness continuum.


At no additional charge, folks who buy this week will also get our Special Supplement on healthcare reform and corporate wellness (in a nutshell: opportunities and risks!) when we release it in September.



It's that time again


Believe me, I totally get how hard it is to wrap your mind around holiday promotions when it's still 104 degrees outside.


And yet - now IS the time to start planning. 




All the antioxidants in the world


These folks analyzed over 3000 foods, beverages, spices, and herbs to figure out each one's antioxidant content.  See the entire Antioxidant Food Table.





These toe-shaped running shoes are quite the fad right now.  And I get the basic idea that "YouAreTheTechnology."  But their promo site kinda creeped me out.  See what you think.



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