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10 steps to successfully launching a new wellness program or service


Greetings, y'all!


Here are the responses (scroll to bottom) to last week's blog post asking why we can't treat wellness more like toothbrushing, or doing dishes.



Bob, why didn't you...?! 


You don't need to motivate your employees. You need to stop DE-motivating them!


Here's our list of 27 ways that well-intentioned managers inadvertently undermine, undercut, demotivate, and demoralize good employees.



News roundup


The 2010 Food and Health Report - summary and full report.


Obesity costs are 2X previous estimates.


How to break bad news to clients and patients.


Avoid sending snarky emails.


Saw this clever Halloween promo yesterday - you could do this, too.


And last, from the Neverending Pasta folks: a new joint where all entrees are under 475 calories.



Why Men's Health never changes 


It's not your imagination: it really doesn't change.



82 Ways To Reward Health & Wellness Employees When Raises Are Out Of The Question


Holiday Marketing For Health & Wellness Businesses: The Eight Stages Of Christmas


Seven Online Sales Tools For Every Health & Wellness Business


Budgetzilla! 9 Tips For Defeating The Planning Monster


How To Win The Groupon & Daily-Deal Marketing Battle




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Leslie Nolen, President
The Radial Group
Marketing services & profit strategies
for health and wellness businesses

Dallas, TX

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